Redesigned UI

The completely redesigned user interface now provides a more intuitive and touch friendly experience.

Offline Exams

No internet? No problem! Take any exam offline with a virtual proctor guiding the way.


We can now customize the exams and the user interface to best meet your needs and requirements.

Discover a world without limits

Discover a testing platform that doesn't require an internet connection: SCSI Tablet MKII

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The new SCSI Testing Tablet MKII has been redesigned from the bottom up to provide your company with the flexibility it deserves and to give your testing candidates an unmatched testing experience. Whether connected or disconnected from the internet, you can take an exam in any language and in any modality without having to worry about internet connectivity or bandwidth usage on metered connections.

Take a test with 
a virtual OR 
live proctor

Take a test with a live proctor when an internet connection is available and experience the personalized customer service of a live person. 

Take a test with a virtual proctor when an internet connection is not avaible and experience the freedom of an untethered testing platform.

A truly untethered experience.


Explore how the SCSI Testing Tablet MKII can transform your business.